Apr 14

Top 7 Reasons Too Much Sugar Is Bad For You

This top 7 reasons too much sugar is bad for you post aims to educate you about the ill effects of sugar. It can affect the metabolism and present an array of diseases. Sugar is basically broken down into sucrose. The later is nothing but a form of energy. Sucrose when broken down by the body presents itself with energy. While, energy is good for the body but raw energy can cause a lot of problems if it goes underutilized. For instance too much energy can be harmful for teeth as the bacteria in the mouth use this energy and destroy the cavity. In this article we will highlight 7 reasons why you should not have too much sugar.



Too much sugar is bad for you and can lead to heart disease:

Earlier it was believed that it is the fat which causes threatening cardiovascular diseases but not anymore. Recent studies revealed that it is fructose (a form of sugar) which causes these diseases. They raise blood sugar level along with LDL and triglyceride leading to cardiovascular diseases. The cardiovascular diseases caused by high sugar level can be fatal.

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It is the prime cause of obesity:

Sugar can lead to obesity in both adults as well as children. Consumption of too much sugar can drastically lead to increase in weight in an individual. Too much sugar can make you lethargic and it is found that there is a strong correlation between sugar consumption and obesity.

Sugar is an addiction:

Believe it or not, sugar is addictive. Too much consumption of sugar releases a harmful chemical in the brain known as the dopamine. While appropriate portion of dopamine is good for the brain, too much of it can make the brain work less and create fantasy much like drugs.

Sugar can lead to cancer:

The word cancer instantly imposes fear on any individual. It is surprising but true that sugar contributes to cancer. It is believed that too much elevation of insulin level can lead to abnormal growth of cells, which is nothing but cancer.

Sugar can give you diabetes:

This is perhaps the most common factor known to people. Sugar has the capability to make our system resistant to insulin. Sugar can drastically elevate the blood sugar level and eventually lead to type 2 diabetes. Most diabetes is directly the result of too much sugar consumption.

Sugar can cause liver diseases:

Fructose (a form of sugar) eventually turns into fat and can enter the liver .While most fatty cells gets out of the liver naturally; at times some of them fail to come out of it. This leads to a disease known as the NAFLD. The disease is on the rise in western countries.

Sugar can alter your tooth:

Too much sugar consumption can lead to excess bacteria in our mouth. These bacteria can eat our cavity and has the capability to make our teeth hypersensitive too. One common solution of this problem is tooth extraction. This is again one of the top 7 reasons too much sugar is bad for you.

Apr 14

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